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BBBJ, CIM, 69, (anal extra $100) super sexy????All the pics are 100% real!


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  1. Maxmanic(from Aus99)
    Maxmanic(from Aus99) says:

    Super cutie Anna!

    Name: Anna
    NB: Two Anna’s here. She is not on website yet. Other Anna is on website. Didn’t meet her.

    Date: 6/11/2018
    Shop Details:
    PHONE: 0448 829 891
    ADDRESS: 60 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW
    Age: 20’s
    Ethnicity: Korean but looks SE Asian
    Build: petite!! Fit and toned, 150cm
    Boobs: nicely enhanced
    Looks: 8/10
    Cost: $200 1hr – Golden Class
    Attitude/Personality: 8.5/10 (No KPS with me)
    Services: Golden Class – includes bbbj, sex, daty, multiple shots, all positions, shower together.
    Bbbj: 8/10
    Fuck: 8/10
    Extras: didn’t ask. Possible CIM, DD
    Return factor – absolutely!!

    It was my first time here. New Mgt, girls looked good on website and it’s 5min from home.

    Was led into a waiting room. Girls introduced themselves one by one.

    Recognised names from website and would say photos 80% accurate. Angle and lighting does wonders! Overall though quite nice.

    Anna walks in, long beautiful hair and big tits on a sexy fit petite frame. Very pretty face, beauty smile and blows me a kiss as she leaves…..sold! 😁

    Newly renovated shop with big rooms, high ceilings with all you need Inside. The bed and pillows particularly were great, felt like home.

    Anna is one sexy little babe, standing naked in shower soaping me down I was in heaven.
    Couldn’t wait to fuck her.

    I like seated bbbj so post shower blowjob was seated on single seat sofa chair and Anna on her knees licking and slurping away on my shaft. She gives balls a wet sensual sucking going lower and lower where I’m sure if I allowed it she would have gone DD.

    Great bbbj, she knows what she’s doing boys 😏 Onto the bed and cowgirl to start. Lowers down onto me and Holyyy shit she is tight!

    My eyes roll back from just the tip stretching her out and the incredible look of mixed pleasure and shock on her face was insane!

    We both got into it and fucked hard in missionary, cowgirl,side saddle and I blew hard into the condom whilst balls deep, both hands under her butt cheeks grinding her into her second orgasm.

    She moans and cums like a pornstar.

    Total surprise package for me I must admit.

    Bigger guys may get less response due to her tiny accommodation. Please treat her well, she’s very new to Sydney. English non existent but enjoys pleasing her man.

  2. devo69 (from Aus99)
    devo69 (from Aus99) says:

    Girl’s Name : Anna

    Shop : 60 Whiting St, Artarmon (Chatswood 60 / Gold Pleasure 60)

    Date : 1 Dec 2018

    Opening hours : 9am – 4am 7 days a week

    Rates : Special rates -30 min $85/ 45min $110/ 60 min $130 (1 month only)

    Normal rates -30 min $95/ 45 min $140/ 60 min $160

    Age : Mid-20s (looks mid 20s but didn’t ask, to be honest what is the point?)

    Size/shape : slim, tanned, sexy figure, B cup. long beautiful golden hair.

    Ethnicity : Hong Kong

    Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, FS, massage, shower together

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    First day of new management at 60 Whiting St Artarmon and with a special on offer I decided that for the first

    time ever I would take advantage. $130 for 1 hour? That’s the cheapest hour of full service I have ever had,

    except for when I get laid for free of course. Moving on..

    A girl who I hadn’t seen in a long time who has retired from the game despite her relative youth and popularity

    contacted me about the shop and told me she had changed her working status and was having a go at running a

    shop. Good for her, while I definitely miss her service (I know I am not the only one) I am glad she has the

    drive to quit the sex work at a young age and I hope managing a shop works out well for her.

    I asked her to recommend a girl, she suggested Anna. Great – book me in for a 1 hour session, see you soon.

    I arrive and park out the back where there is room for two cars to park and you avoid doing a walk of shame

    but if you are one of those people who drives a larger vehicle then this area is not for you because you wont

    make it up the narrow driveway.

    I am greeted by my friend who I briefly fail to recognize due to the fact she has changed her hair colour and is

    wearing clothes. A smile, a hug and a quick chat and then its inside to the waiting room. I hand over the cash

    and then Anna comes in to meet me and I confirm that I am indeed happy to see her for the hour.

    This shop is an excellent facility, I am not sure how many rooms there are, possibly 4 or 5 but so far I have

    been in 3 different rooms and each of them had plenty of space with good sound isolation. Lighting is

    controllable with dimmers for each area so you can illuminate the bed area separately from the rest of the room

    and most importantly the controls for the air-con are right there on the wall next to the lighting control panel.

    Each room has an armchair and some shelving to put towels, drinks or personal items on. There are also bedside

    tables and hooks for hanging your clothes on the back of the door. Small details like this

    matter to me and should be standard in every shop. The showers are top notch, detachable shower heads that

    you can hold as well as massive, overhead fixed showers heads are also fitted so you can get drenched from

    head to toe if that’s your thing. Plenty of good clean towels are available and they don’t get stingy like some

    establishments and enforce a one or two towel policy (offending shops know who you are, fucking tight-arses!).

    A each room has it’s own toilet but not located in a separate room so those of you who have trouble taking a

    piss while someone is watching, it sucks to be you and it kind of sucks for the girl too, they deserve some

    privacy too when they so desire.

    The beds are large and maybe too soft depending on your style of fucking. I can adapt so it’s not an issue for

    me except for when the bed moves away from the wall so I make sure not to stand and do my fucking from the

    side – always from the end of the bed so the bed stays hard up against to the wall. Overall I rate the rooms highly,

    similar in look and feel to 42 Gladesville but better and most importantly they are very consistent, I am yet to

    discover a room that lacks the features that the other rooms offer except for the room at the end of the hall which is

    the largest and has a large spa bath that doubles as the shower.

    The session..

    Into the shower and Anna washes me front and back and does so with a smile. Her smile is a winner and says a lot

    about her overall disposition. She is plenty of fun and it’s hard to imagine her ever being in a bad mood.

    Anna has beautiful, long, blonde hair with subtle curls and a fully tanned body that is delightful to touch. Her

    skin is soft and I could touch it all day long but that would get a bit creepy now wouldn’t it? She is medium

    height and perfect weight as she isn’t skinny with bones protruding like some girls do. The only bone that

    should be protruding is the one between my fucking legs and it was already at half- mast. She giggles and

    laughs easily but in an authentic way- a good thing because I can’t stand girls that giggle for no reason like

    they left their brain at home and thankfully Anna is not one of those.

    Onto the bed and she begins with nipple licking followed by some sloppy ball licking and then BBBJ which is soft

    but enough to get my boys ready for action. The BBBJ was brief and next time I would probably give her some

    direction towards what I like but I was keen on fucking so I was happy to move on to part 2.

    Anna begins on top and she eases me in slowly and starts moving back and forth with her knees resting on the

    bed. This is a nice way to start as I can play spend some time touching her lovely skin which really is worth

    taking some time to enjoy. I noticed that once I was inside her she was immediately affected as she appeared

    to be focused and her breathing changed as she starting moaning briefly with each movement. She then

    changed to a squat position and I was able to grab her shapely bum and maneuver her while I started thrusting

    from below. Her reactions went up a level and she became louder and started holding on tighter. I was happy

    with the way she felt, her pussy was easy enough to gain access to and she was very soft and now becoming

    rather wet.

    I sat up and moved to the end of the bed which is often my favourite position if the girl is willing to let me take

    control, she is sitting on my lap while I fuck her, I am sitting on the end of the bed with her holding onto the

    back of my neck and I hold her backside and pull her towards me then let her rock back and forth. From here I

    increase the tempo and she is getting louder and louder and I can tell this is probably as vigorous as I

    should get while in this position. I then lift her up and hold her in the air and fuck her while I am standing with

    her legs wrapped around me. She gets louder again.

    Then I spin around and place her down and she knows its time for some doggie. This is definitely an enjoyable

    position with her magnificent bum on display and her long, golden hair falling around her shoulders. I start slow

    and I can tell this is quite deep penetration for her as she immediately starts gripping the sheets on the bed..

    Her eyes are closed and she is getting louder and louder with each thrust and she is gripping those sheets

    tighter and pulling them towards her. I work my way up to a good pace and keep going until I realize I am

    starting to sweat like crazy. I withdraw and towel off and then it’s time for mish. I give her tits a good licking

    and seems to enjoy it then I take some time for a bit of DFK. I get on top and enter her in mish and proceed

    to make my way towards the finishing line, my hands underneath her arse so I can get in deep and by this

    point I can feel how wet she is. Lovely. She is also going off by this point and looking at me while I fuck her

    vigorously. She seems completely authentic and if she is faking then she is a dam good actress. I finally

    blow my load and collapse onto the bed while I regain my breath.

    Into the shower to clean up and she is still smiling and happy to have a chat and a laugh. Her English is very

    minimal but I seem to get by using physical communication combined with basic English.

    I exit the premises and I am a happy man, feeling fully satisfied. I haven’t had a tanned, blonde beauty

    like that in a long time and she is a real sweetheart to boot. Also at $130 for an hour that is some great value,

    I hope any other brothers who select Anna have an equally satisfying experience.



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