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Hawaiian/Aussie, dress size 8, B cups, 162cm


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  1. Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer says:

    Her assests are just way too good. I couldn’t last 10 mins guys. She is by far the best girl i have seen at chatswood 60

    • K
      K says:

      So keen for to try Nicole. I’ve been trying to get a viewing together to make sure i get the right vibe of her before a booking but just can’t get the right timing together since she starts late. She seems hot, polynesians girls are beautiful and friendly.

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    Is there anyone here who:

    * Has actually managed to bag her.
    * Can actually string enough of a sentence together to give a review?

    The late start time is making her hard to get.

  3. Josh
    Josh says:

    Tried her last week.
    Looks – 6/10
    Service – 6/10

    She has got a pretty face, medium sized assets, and brown skin.

    Her service is average, lots of I don’t do this, I don’t do that. But it might be worth it if you want to tick a Polynesian off your list. I will not return to her. Better off going with an Asian girl in this shop.

    • Punter
      Punter says:

      This place used to be a shop with service guarantee in general. Unfortunately now this place now has too many non-asian (pretty sure they are not Aussies) girls with very poor unpredictable service; or some just want to charge extra for every bit and byte. Eventually shop is becoming like an online escorting site like locanto where owner has no say on what ladies provide and charge.

      Replace these aliens with some nice little asian girls.

  4. P
    P says:

    I think i just had a date with a goddess and she went by “Nicole”.

    I still haven’t been able to stop thinking about our encounter….

    Nicole i think is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Some women are attractive but are way more beautiful without clothes on while others are way more attractive with clothes on; Nicole is one of the women who is strikingly beautiful with or without clothes on. Nonetheless, Nicole still looked slightly more striking with clothes on which is a good thing in my opinion, she was specially attractive in the blue lingerie she wore; the blue lingerie glowed with her amazingly shaped booty typical of any Polynesian woman, i wondered what she looked like in normal clothes like on a nice summer dress or jeans. When she escorted me from the waiting room i was immediately stunned.

    Think Megan Markle (or Nicole Scherzinger but with a very sharp and symmetrical face, with Polynesian features like the sharp arching eyebrows, long eye lashes and an enticingly strong curvaceous body. She comes from a very mixed heritage and clearly received the best of both worlds, not only is she half-caucasian but says there is also Japanese in the mix. Which is an amazing cocktail i’ve met few half-Japanese/half-caucasian women who weren’t beautiful and it explains her unique look. I spent a good 20 minutes to an hour googling Polynesian celebrities or models to refer to in describing her and it was hard because few looked as good as her. I found this instagram photo of a 19 year old tennis player Mylène Halemai which was good reference because she’s also half-Australian, half-Polynesian. Nicole still looks slightly different (and more attractive), perhaps because of her Japanese background, her eyes particularly looks alluringly exotic.

    Much like my experience with Lana, the photos do not do Nicole justice . Actually many of my positive experiences with Lana became apparent with my time with Nicole. Nicole has an extremely beautiful face, smooth olive skin and a toned, body, a very nice booty and a beautiful pussy. Nicole is very skilled at sex, people have commented that she gravitated towards a standard service (CBJ, no kissing ) but it is a very strong standard service and she does offer DATY without a dam. Nicole gives a skilled and penetrating covered blowjob and and a very hard cowgirl be careful if you cum easy (seriously). Like maybe don’t start with cow girl if you’re not sure.  I got the impression that Nicole works out quite a lot or used to do a lot of athletics or simply has some freakishly athletic Polynesian genetics. When i was making decision, one of the compliments that really did it for me was the negative review about her that couldn’t deny her beauty.

    Needles to say i had an outstanding time with Nicole, i though she had a beautiful personality, very approachable, i loved learning about her she has these really cute opinions and cool lifestyle choices. Nicole leads a very healthy lifestyle which might explain her  approach to sex. Nicole is a strong woman with a darling/friendly personality, very approachable, it was splendid chatting with her if you’re into that like me. My best sessions have featured a good convo like this and the worst the opposite so it’s a big plus to me.  Ask Nicole what she’s into it and  things she likes or interested in. She really loves sex and even shared some ideas with me. Also she has a nice smile. 

    Mylè Halemai

    • P
      P says:

      After a nice introduction we went into some light spooning, as people have said she wasn’t ok with kissing but she was ok with me kissing her neck and body. Nicole then went on to giving me one of the most glorious CBJs i’ve ever had, i’d rank it on par with Lana’s own glorious CBJ which i’ve said is the best BJ i’ve had. I could really feel her through the condom, you know it’s a good CBJ because she insisted to start soft and it quickly got hard as she put it on, that’s how you know, Lana does the exact same thing and you can really feel her through the condom. It’s as pro of a BJ as you’re gonna get in my books. Nicole’s twist is that she made a point to really go for my balls and her tongue made me squirm in satisfaction, she then did that while i jerked off really hard i was worried i’d hit her a little but she said she didn’t care.

      Again like Lana, Nicole is very fit with a strong body which translates well to sex. They both also have these crazy cow girl skills. Nicole rode me as hard hard as i could masturbate which is a mind blowing fete like she kept stopping and asking if she was hurting me and i was like “i’m in heaven, don’t  stop!”, the girl is truly into cow girl. The difference between Lana and Nicole’s crazy cowgirl technique Is that while Lana gets you with this highly skilled  smooth and harmonious motion that goes all kinds of angles and twisting motions…. Nicole gets you with brute force. Like i have serious sensitivity issues and i was still blown away. I can’t help but imagine what would happen if there was no condom.

      As always, venue is outstanding complete with a bath tub. Very clean and organised. With commendable practices: sheets always replaced per session, a lot of towels. And fairly discrete. The ability to comment and see other’s comments is quite unique and appreciated. Like even if it does get moderated which to me is understandable (anonymous reviews, no accounts, and it is their site) and they do leave enough unfavourable reviews.

      My two cents on the complaints about Nicole’s “standard service” or extras. I think extras reflect what the girls are comfortable with and from my experience both you and the girl will generally have the better sex by embracing what the girl is comfortable with and what you are comfortable with. I believe this happens also because it can make you appear rude or impatient, and sex is quite psychological it can be hard to perform as usual if you don’t have an ideal vibe or again simply aren’t that comfortable which goes with anything. With Nicole in particular i got the impression that her extras are not at all about money. Some extras are really not about money. Nicole’s “standard service”: CBJ, no kissing and offers DATY (without a dam) is pretty conventional like you could pay $500 or $600+ for a private and it may still be more or less like that. What the shop can do differently is reflect this information in the description more consistently. And again Nicole’s standard service was convincingly strong, in my experience (YMMV), she is confident with it and she is good at it.

      So yeah try not to be impatient and miss out on that shit, because what i experienced was heaven. I’m confident that either one of Lana or Nicole is easily the best sex you’re going to experience at chatswood60 or anywhere: brothel or even private. This $250 price point to me is a good sweet spot because i don’t think i can even get a full hour with a lot of girls on Scarlet Blue for $500 or guarantee this quality of sex or a striking-exotic beauty such as Nicole. So get yours while you can before they decide to do something else or go private.

      Because honestly i feel like i just had a date with a Polynesian goddess and i’m still smitten.

        • P
          P says:

          Fair enough good sir. Sorry for the length. I had a good time and wanted to reflect it. Also i plan to repost it else where. If you can manage to catch Nicole in a viewing i think you would better understand what i mean. I was looking at images of Nicole Scherzinger a moment ago and Nicole really does fall along those lines except Nicole is in her i think mid twenties. And i just realised Scherzinger has a similar Caucasian, Polynesian and Asian mix. Actually her going be “Nicole” doesn’t seem like a coincidence now.

          Again it was like a top tier CBJ like the sort of CBJ that’s better than the BBJ i’ve had. And the cow girl was up there: rough, raw and intense.

          But yeah as i say if it’s really important to you then it might be better for both of you.

      • AverageGuy
        AverageGuy says:

        Thanks for the comprehensive detailed review P.

        Is she closer to size 8 than size 6?

        I’m looking for a proportionate, toned girl sz6-8,
        eg not sz6 top and sz10 bottom.

        • P
          P says:

          Hey average guy, my pleasure!

          I’m not too familiar dress sizes. But i would say Nicole is athletic/curvy girl, i would say she’s not a petite/skin and bones slim type of girl but she’s certainly not on the thick side either. So yeah proportionate, toned girl seems appropriate.

          Keep in mind she is a Polynesian girl so you can guess that she has a nice booty.

  5. Travis
    Travis says:

    Well….she is quite attractive…well toned body with some natural curves on the rights spots and an amazing soft skin. Lovely girl ….had only 30 min to spend with her but it was really and I booked her blind so it was a real gamble and I won the jackpot! Her service is quite passionate with some boundaries which I respect. I look forward seeing her again. She has diamond in her eyes 🙂

    • P
      P says:

      Nicole is great glad you had a good time. I don’t think i could take anything less than an hour with her i feel for you haha. Can’t wait for the next session too 🙂


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