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Pretty and cute Taiwan girl , Speak English ,22YO, b cup, 165cm, slim and small size body, provide diamond service French tongue kiss 、bbbj 、69 、rimming,cim


chieko -Cover Girl

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  1. Kelvin Lee
    Kelvin Lee says:

    The first time I met my tongue, it was very flexible, my chest was big and my buttocks were very upright. The feeling of fitness, the vagina is a lot of water. It will blow. The massage is very good. lit the candle and made me feel at home. me take the initiative to add the clock. come back next time

  2. Juli
    Juli says:

    Last time I met ayumi I want chieko. But no working. Chieko make me happy can talk a lot. Ayumi didn’t talk.
    When chieko come back. Work?

  3. wolf
    wolf says:

    Chieko very nice.
    Sara says chieko has AIDS?
    Trouble Sara gives evidence? chieko respond please!

    Why did Sara write fake reviews and talk about chieko outside? What’s wrong with you?

  4. Grass mud horse
    Grass mud horse says:

    Today meeting with wolf
    We both heard Sara speak chieko AIDS?
    It is undeniable that chieko service is very good and can chat girlfriend feelings. . But this AIDS is a serious topic. Trouble Sara Chieko.

  5. Terry wong
    Terry wong says:

    Hey guys do not scare me mate!! I did with sara and chiko in the past and kissed as well. Fck this serious shit man!! I hope this is all fake mate!!

  6. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    It is Jenny here, the manager of Chatswood 60, Sara has been banned from our shop, I would not like to make any negative comments on her, but I have to say all the girls in our shop have done the health check regularly, and they show us the results, there is only 1 girl never show to us anything, that is Sara, but she told us she did that for sure and always said good results, but we never see anything officially from her, that is only 1 reason she has been banned from this shop. To be honest, no other comments on her from the shop, all the best for Sara, but she is not working Chatswood 60 any more.

    • Remy
      Remy says:

      Which Sara is this? There have been more than one Sara working at Chatswood 60 and I want to be sure which one you are referring to please? Please reply.


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