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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    I have seen her in a different shop, photo is exactly her and service was quite good. Friendly girl loves to be pounded very hard . Basic English.gorgeous pair of natural D cupf

  2. P
    P says:

    ▪ The Asian woman of your dream: amazing body, a truly full figured woman with big soft perfect shaped breasts
    ▪ Everything: BBJ, DFK, DATY, CIM(i think, but ask though) with a beautiful, skilled, young woman
    ▪ Beautiful skin, beautiful face, accurate photos that do not need to lie
    ▪ Very presentable, she wears better makeup and hair than the other girls as well as better clothes, well looked after skin
    ▪ Bush i liked her landing strip bush
    ▪ Confident sex skills, she’s good and she seems to be used to making customers blow early which can be more of a con
    ▪ YOUNG, again photos are accurate actually she’s probably prettier in person because she’s prettier than the photoshop in the photos
    ▪ Bobo’s skin and body feels like air or a water balloon it feels so great to penetrate her
    ▪ Chatswood60 has immaculate hotel style rooms
    ▪ Skilled, she’ll moan to your movements dramatically and knows how to help you get a good position like in missionary she’ll
    hug me close with her legs

    ▪ Her attitude can go from pretty good to really bad, she can become impatient and can lose focus. It didn’t bother me but i can
    see it bothering people. It didn’t really affect the sex for me.
    ▪ Checks phone sometimes, i counted 2 or 3 times (didn’t bother me, she’s good she made up for it)
    ▪ Bobo’s English, surprising to say, is not the worst i’ve seen but it is still close to non existent, so convos are hard (i should learn

    My cock is still sore….

    Actually everything everything was sore. Bobo is the asian woman of your dreams. Bobo is that rich Chinese girl you see walking around in the CBD sometimes in a Chanel suit or business attire and imagine what it would be like to unwrap that beauty. Obviously it’s almost impossible because she probably barely speaks any English and you probably don’t speak a lick of Chinese so you just end up dreaming. Bobo’s body is full figured and womanly, the perfect boobs: big and soft and perfect in shape, creamy skin, big soft butt and it’s accentuated by this finely trimmed landing strip bush on her pussy. Sex with Bobo is particularly great because her body feels like air, it’s so milky you’re able to penetrate her much better i’ve only had this with Lana before. The penetration i could get with Bobo was so pure i could feel her pelvic bones and it hurt a little but in a nice way. Bobo’s body is like one of those women from those JAV pornos, just your asian dream girl. Bobo really looks after herself, she has better make up than other girls, she wears better clothes and she has better hair than other girls and it really adds to the satisfaction of spending time with Bobo; Bobo’s skin looks perfect, again think of the asian girl of your wildest sex dreams. That is Bobo. I would say Bobo’s pictures are quite accurate because there is absolutely no need to lie, however up in person Bobo’s perfect boobs aren’t as toweringly huge as they are in her photos, they’re more reasonably big and perfect in shape (which is a good thing) and Bobo’s not a huge woman in height so proportions feel different than what you may imagine in the photo (Bobo is still one of the tallest girls i’ve been with). If anything Bobo is prettier in person than her photoshopped photos, she takes presentation seriously. Also Bobo is young.

    Bobo arrives in the waiting area in a beautiful (i think) green dress, that properly accentuates her cleavage. When a girl like Bobo eventually comes in and escorts you from the waiting room not having viewed her before you just know you’re getting lucky today as Bobo makes sure she is presentable. Bobo takes me to one of chatswood60’s immaculate hotel quality rooms: hygienic, organised and features nice showers and usually a tub. We start off with a quick chat and a shower. Right away it shows that Bobo has little to no english in terms of a conversation but ok English to function. It was hard to carry a conversation or even get information, i usually start the session asking the girls about their rules what’s allowed and what isn’t, sometime when i’m in the mood i ask if cum in mouth is ok and usually it’s a no. Conversation is really important for me so this was a turn off it took a while to establish that she was ok with CIM but i’m not totally sure so ask i think she is ok with it but either way i was just asking and not really interested that day, between the language barrier Bobo made up for it in her great skills. We start off by making out, hmm… that was nice, she was ok with a little DFK which was fun, i detect a little bit of a cigarette taste but it was faint and better than morning breath although i could be completely wrong about this and this was no problem. It is so nice to make out as much and as hard as you want. This is probably one of the girls to go if you really want to make out. Bobo then gave me a good BBJ, i could really feel her teeth but it was ok as it didn’t hurt and her BBJ was particularly grippy which is big for me. You may notice that Bobo puts on a har clip when she does this and takes it out. I edged twice before this so i was already bursting to go. Anyway “bursting to go” for me is still good for an hour+ of sex specially with a condom. Then we did some 69, and i got a good view of Bobo’s pussy, the finely trimmed landing strip on her i learned was such a turn on and Bobo has a pretty pussy. After this i did a short round of oral on her.

    By this point it was already clear that Bobo’s skills matches her beauty. Off to some sex. Today i was trying something new, a drop of lube on the inner condom tip before i put it on and it really helps get some sensitivity, particularly on the tip. The lube also helped with keeping the condom from slipping off, so zero condoms stuck in the pussy today. As i was doing oral on Bobo we started with missionary which i usually skip. This ended up being the best missionary i’ve had, the lube really helps when used properly (no slippage) and we did this for a long while. Bobo makes a point to be vocal and dramatic on all positions it’s fairly hot and really appreciated. I don’t think i’ve done missionary for this long before so it was fun. Again penetration feels different with Bobo because her skin is so milky i have no trouble getting in and staying in and penetrating as much as i can. It was cute because i was sweating hard and Bobo would get tissues to dry me off through out the session. We then moved to doggy, this is the part where penetration was so pure it hurts a little because i was starting to hit and rub with her i think pelvic bones. I came across Bobo before in a different shop, it was a small but value place and there was a loud clapping sound i heard outside in the waiting room, this was that sound. You can’t help but clap her ass while doing doggy with Bobo and it was so fun, Bobo also has a certain way of helping you during doggy which goes to show her skills and she makes sure to be vocal about it.

    By this time i was already having a lot of fun. Usually my sessions have short amounts of sex and we focus on hand stuff and solo masturbation and body slides maybe BJs. But today it was so easy and fun to have sex with Bobo that we did a lot, also edging twice had me ready to go whenever i needed so no need to help. When i finally got tired, i was in uncharted territories, Bobo did some cow girl. It’s particularly nice to be ridden by Bobo because she is so pretty, that bush is fire gliding on top of you, those boobs and womanly curves are so fun to watch while Bob works on you and that face and skin with her hair turned me on so hard. Bobo rode me pretty hard and quite skilfully, it was nice. She warms up to a really hard ride which was glorious but it doesn’t last long as she gets tired, Bobo knows what she’s doing. It was kinda funny though it was maybe 40 minutes in and and Bobo was starting to get annoyed, she had a “you should have cummed by now” look. She seems to be used to making customers cum fast and we had done a lot of sex at this point we did missionary and doggy for a long time (i was sore the next day, so it was a lot). When Bobo got tired we went back to doggy and i start to see her checking her phone more which i’ve seen in negative reviews of other Chinese girls, doesn’t send the best vibes but in this particular case it really didn’t bother me as i needed some time to do some quick solos in-between positions anyway to help things along and finish within the hour so a half minute break for Bobo was totally fine and she made up for it. Maybe i’m being generous but it really didn’t get in the way of things for me.

    But yeah Bobo was getting real impatient. It was understandable really because she just had a long session that was extended beforehand for similar reasons, but i came prepared and ready to cum on time so she didn’t have to worry about that, we actually finished with some time to spare which is new for me (edging twice really helps). When i got tired from our second round of doggy i asked her to do CBJ to finish off (we had like around 15 minutes to go). She got confused and thought i wanted more cow girl and she kinda started moaning and groaning with attitude after this. It didn’t bother me but i could see how other people would, she still did a good quick cow girl before i corrected her to do CBJ for the finish. When she realised this she went and had a mini shower for some reason washing her legs and then heading back which was weird, it was ok to me as i needed to help a little bit by jerking. Bobo then replaced my condom, after cleaning me off a little and did another good BJ. Even with ten minutes to go she was really getting impatient i think she’s used to making clients blow their load early and understandably so since she’s quite quite good. Bobo did this CBJ for quite a while it was hot, she has a grippy BJ even with CBJ. I could feel a big load coming up and thought how hot it would be to blow this huge load all over this gorgeous woman so i changed my mind about the CBJ finish and took the condom off to blow it all over Bobo. Bobo got closer… and closer…. to me so that i could blow all over on her torso and i hugged her firmly with my legs, i tell her to watch out for her eyes. It felt very very close at first…. then it felt like it was there but super STUCK (which is consistent with my best loads) so i jerked harder and harder and it blew the HUGE load all over Bobo’s body in satisfaction with all my energy withering away with it. The load sort of went in a sprinkler style around Bobo probably because i had drank so much water before the session that it changed the consistency a little. I felt so drained huffing and puffing. Simple to say it was glorious. My cock was sore in a good way.

    I kinda gently caught Bobo for a quick cuddle while i recuperated. We still had like 8 to 10 minutes to go so this was already the earliest i’ve managed to finish. By the time i finished showering there was still a good 6 to 7 minutes to go, i usually would chat with the girl if it’s early and cuddle but Bobo wants to get you out as soon as you ejaculate and it’s a bit hard to chat anyway with her limited English, she cheekily joked “this very bad, lasts too long” to which i agreed if she only knew the trouble it causes me, i still snuck in a quick chat and found Bobo’s age (27) and gave her a quick hug and said goodbye. I walked away in glee with my sore cock.


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