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Cover girl IDA Thai girl, 22 years old, 160cm, 42kg, b cup, uni student, very good English, young and beautiful. Only does premium and diamond service.


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  1. Reece
    Reece says:

    Yeah true Rod, they not only Lazy but also stupid, you dont need a Masters in Marketing to know that not putting any details you losing business. So many bros have posted to put up ALL the details but they dont. When is Admin going to learn.

  2. X
    X says:

    At first I thought she couldn’t speak English but it actually turned out that she just has ZERO people skills even to the point where she will reply or talk to you if she feels like it. They want to charge cover girl prices for a standard girl that gives a standard service. I’m not sure where they get this cover girl classification from or if there is any guidelines for it, it’s obvious they just make it up as they go. Poor service from an average rude girl for premium prices, not for me CH60!

  3. Tommy E
    Tommy E says:

    This girl is awesome. She does have her own preferences but if you treat her well, she’ll reciprocate. I booked her 2 weeks ago and she was absolutely awesome and perfect! I hope she comes back to work soon.


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