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    • Joe
      Joe says:

      Scar from c section turned you off? Why is that? It usually means narrow pussy and good attitude as the lady obviously has to feed her child.

      • Troy
        Troy says:

        @Joe due all respect its personal feeling but i must say she does great blow job and like you said sure had tight pussy. She do love rough sex. Despite turn off but once get into it 1 hr is not enough. She is ok for 40 years old

        • Jhon
          Jhon says:

          Joe you look like you don’t do nothing but go to different brothel and fuck different girls and go online and give comments to everybody. You should not care if they express how they will feel with the girls. They have the right to say anything . Sorry mate but reading all your comments in this page annoys the shit out of me. You look like you don’t do nothing in life.

          • Joe
            Joe says:

            Why are you reading my comments if they annoy you so much? Don’t have better things to do in your life? At least I do something other than typing and reading comments lol

  1. Lee jing
    Lee jing says:

    Fucked her today.. very long session , she sucked like a machine not a single drop left on lil bro. She is in her 40s, and has the best boobs, likes rough fucking

  2. Phil
    Phil says:

    She is quite good guys, bj skills are top notch and she has very nice erect nipples which are quite fun to play with. I am terrible at getting the age of Asian girls but don’t think she would be 40s….I rather say early 30s. I had a standard service with her and it ticked all boxes.


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