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Indian girl Siju with skinny figure, natural B cup, you cannot find other Indian girls as beautiful as our Siju, short yellow hair, big shiny eyes, GFE. Uni girl Siju can only works a few days per week, book fast! Do not miss her guys!


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  1. That Brown guy
    That Brown guy says:

    She was one of the best, She will connect with you not only on a physical level but on an emotional level aswell. She has got the brains and the looks,basically the whole package. Anyways, I recommend her for anyone who would like to have a interesting conversation and some hot steamy goodness after. 12/10

  2. Frank Hughes
    Frank Hughes says:

    Saw lovely Siju recently.

    She’s very pretty with gorgeous eyes. Small stature and very lean. She probably stands 5 foot 1, with lovely soft brown skin, slender legs and nice firm natural b cut titties with nice brown bullet nipples.

    You can tell she’s new to the industry and fills the potential awkwardness with banter, which I don’t mind. So we spoke a bout our days, work, the weather etc whilst I undressed and she sat on the bed in her tight short glittery dress. I could see her white Converse sneakers on the floor with her socks sticking out, he phone charging on the bed as if sh’e’d been camping out.

    As sat next to her as we continued talking and she sat up next to me. she then casually started to stroke my cock that was throbbing by this point, just looking at this little Indian uni hottie 🙂

    Siju has short hair that’s been dyed a little bit lighter so it’s a kind of brownie/orangie. Her demeanor is very shy and submissive so even her casually stroking my cock was a massive turn on. I began to let my hands wander over her clothes and up her skirt where she was nicely trimmed with slight stubble which was fine. She then asked me to lay down which I did, right before she told me she was going to give me a bbbj “for a little” and then put the dom on for a CBJ, fine I said.

    Siju’s bbbj was very beginnerish and she couldn’t take in much length, constantly gagging and needing to wipe her lips with a tissue. But her sentiment was still good as she tried to make a decent effort, I pulled her hair back so I could see her cute face and tried to face pump just a little bit, everytime she gagged she apologized and I told her not to. The whole thing such a turn on to me. Few mins in I asked her to take her dress off which she did, she then asked if she should take off her bra too, I didn’t object. Siju has a nice slender body, a tiny bit of tummt fat which is only visible when she’s crouching over and an all round really tidy and nice figure, little bum and perky firm tits. I groped her tits, tweaker her nipples as she sucked me off and I ran my hands down her back. She was kinda of leaning over me with her ass sticking out so I slowly stuck my finger in to her increasingly wet little tight pussy. Siju has a cleanly smelling, moist and tight little box, it was wonderful. she let out a few quiet moans as this continued. I then asked her to lay down on her back when her head hanging over the edge of the bed whilst Ilightly face fucked her as I was squeezing both tits and sometimes leaning over to lick her stomach and finger her box. we then did some 69 all the while she’s very willingly fulfilling my requests in a quiet and submissive manner, total turn on. After the 69, on with the dom and straight into mish and I started to pump away, lick her neck and ear and a bit of light kissing but no DFK. Siju kept her lips tight mostly and every now and then let me get my tongue into her teeth. I mauled her face a bit before getting her knees up under my arm pits for more pumping whilst looking at her pretty face with her eyes shut.

    Got her over for some nice doggy and then onto her stomach to continue from behind. by this point I was dripping sweat all over her back, it was hot. Whilst on her stomach and e pumping from behind I pulled her hair to the side and continued to lick her ear, neck and mouth. I then needed a break as I was about to cum, so I offered some DATY to which she said “if you want to”, 3 mins in I made her cum and she quivered and moaned through an intense orgasm, I was glad to assist. I then went back into mish whilst licking her face.

    I requested more BBBJto which she obliged with me on my back right before I got her on her back and asked her where I could come. She said face and mouth were out of bounds, so I finished myself off on her stomach and tits. She then cleaned me off and we finished with some light banter and we parted with a hug.

    I’ll definitely be going back for seconds.


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