Bust Size:


from Colombian ,170cm 50kg D cup


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      • Jiangxue
        Jiangxue says:

        That is a fake posted by management or Giselle herself, all the honest reviews have been deleted again. She is Lana rebranded with a new name

        • Phil
          Phil says:

          Not fake bro, I saw her last week and I enjoyed my time. If you are respectful to girls and know how to treat them then you will notice the magic

      • Phil
        Phil says:

        No. It means you can have a proper conversation with her I don’t know about you but for me everything is not about sex itself.

  1. DSR
    DSR says:

    The pics looks great and have the curves at right spot…. I know the old post are deleted…. wanted to know whether I should go for her or not???

  2. P
    P says:

    If Gisele really is Lana. I would have to say you should have a really good time. Epic BJ skills, a beautiful personality, very sensual sex and an amazing body, really nice booty.

    • Bull
      Bull says:

      Most comments uplifting this girl are fake… just sugar

      Some says “intelligent”
      Some says “epic bj skills” when it’s actually capped
      Some says “hygienic” but punters won’t buy these


      • P
        P says:

        Bro i’m real, i posted a detailed review of Lana here before and one of the paid forums if you want to have a gander at it. That said i have no clue if Giselle is Lana. Similar body shape to this tho and quite curvaceous and a nice booty.

        Of the top of my head to summarise i said:

        *Very good BJ
        *Strong dancer’s body, soft curvaceous booty
        *Very sensual cowgirl
        *Lovely personality, nice to talk to
        *She’ll give you a very sexy dance if you asked her

        *I liked her tattoos, but not all people might like them

        This is for Lana though i dunno about Giselle. Lana has a handful of nice reviews in the punter forums i got to, including form myself. Hope that helps.

  3. charlie
    charlie says:

    Let me describe Lana so that smo who took a service from Giselle would agree or not. Lana has a curvy but a fit body. She is brunette and has a tattoo on her thigh. She has a music box in her room as she plays every song and asks your favourite in the beginning. She usually wears black lingerie and has a sluggish but nasty talk. So the question comes up “Is Giselle Lana or not?” Looking forward to smo who went both.

  4. Robert
    Robert says:


    They are the same lady. Giselle is Lana, changed name. I have booked them both.

    Very good service regardless. Annoying is that management pretend not to know they are the same.


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