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A lovely girl from Philippines, 158cm, 50kg, C cups. She is student, very good English and easy to communicate. Very friendly and cute, but TBH, a little bit baby fat. Good on service like Kissing BJ 69 Cim Daty, not work long in this industry, she is willing to do all the service


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  1. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    Has anyone booked, feedback please? At last management did a good job with full description and services this time!!! I love curvy chics too.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Amazing bubbly lady. Excellent English and very talkative if needed to be. Good service and honest attitude, highly recommend this phillipino beauty. Nice round ass and natural boobs )))

  3. JUSTacustomer
    JUSTacustomer says:

    This girl pretends to be shy princess, but In my opinion she seems to be quite dirty inside and knows a number of techniques. Also needs to learn some manners and stop eating KFC and Maccas (2 separate bookings) as well as constantly texting with her regular clients.

    • Jean
      Jean says:

      You know Alex, I can work to whoever I want. Dont pretend a Justacustomer as If I dont know who you are. Tell them how demanding you are kepp texting the girls and demand for their reply like who ARE YOU. My regulr ones are mine. I meet them with my private. So dont you dare telling I have separate bookings. You dont care at all what I had to do when I’m outside the shop. You are so insecure. If I can remember I order mccas and you eat my food too. Hahaha get a life dude. If you are bored Dont fuck up other peoples life

  4. Phil
    Phil says:

    She is great, pocket rocket. Knows how to fuck and enjoys it. I liked her style quite genuine and no bullshit. A bomb on the mattress.

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    Dear Jean, we know you reading this sometimes. Could you please share your PH username? That will create you more business online and offline at the brick and mortars 🙂

    • Jean
      Jean says:

      Hi joe😊! I dont have much content in my channel as I apply for pornhub model and I’m still doing the things they ask me to do . but soon i might have more. 😊 but anyway @ pornhub Search by member and type exactly like this IvanaSilva022

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      yeah was going to see her but she not on roster . Seems like she not working here anymore . But you can’t say all this girls will blow Jean out of the water. Let’s all admit she’s a bomb in the bed. But if you are into some boring chinese girls that can’t even do a proper blowjob 😂 then pick other girl. Jean is a porn model she fucks and sucks very well. She’s worth a try and worth all the money.

      • Joe
        Joe says:

        Maybe she is just having a period or some personal stuff to do. I bet she will be back, she has a strong following here lol. I’m not saying she is bad, she does had graphic sucking and spitting skills, yes. But I would not call Chinese girls boring. In fact, the sexiest and horniest girl I ever met happened to be Chinese, she would squirt numerous times through the session and then cum together, also best blowjob ever, if that’s boring to you, i’d like to get bored more often. Even though I already booked her twice today, I’m still horny but sleepy.

  6. Chatswood 60
    Chatswood 60 says:

    Hi Alex, it is Chatswood 60 management here, Jean has showed us all your messages and your ridiculous request, to be honest, we cannot be involved in our girls’ personal life, but you cannot abuse and attack our lovely girl Jean in this way. Please respect the girls here, if you keep doing fake comments here, we have to put you on our black list, Chatswood 60 would not serve you any more.

  7. terminator
    terminator says:

    Well said management, best just delete all his posts and ban him now, plus that other annoying fool that calls himself Uhhhh

  8. P
    P says:

    I had an excellent time with Jean today. And i want to write her a great review in appreciation. Firstly my needs are a bit different, i tend to be more into sensual stuff: body slides, massages and hand stuff. In this sense it can be much easier to please me. What makes things harder with me is that i also value a good conversation, i’m somewhat turned off mindless to non existent conversations. Furthermore I last a really long time, it’s quite a journey with a big explosion, i think it may be due to sensitivity issues so i can go on for hours if i don’t plan things out which is kind of a challenge. I think this can be fixed but it takes time (not masturbating, watching porn for months), so for the mean time if i have time i try to start to get a head start sometimes for 90 minutes+ before i head out which i find really helps.

    I first got attracted to Jean because of her amazing booty that seems to attract so much attention here and in other forums. To my delight i arrived to my session with Jean to find this girl-next-door Filipina girl with a great personality (friendly and easy going), amazing smooth skin and a great booty which is even better in person as it so tight and well toned. I had a great time talking to Jean, Jean’s English is outstanding amongst the best i’ve encountered with non-native English speaking girls. I really enjoyed talking to Jean and decided to spend more time than usual speaking with her. She is a delight to chat with, again very friendly and easy going, and we even had a couple of similarities. We kinda joked about how lively and at times controversial her page here can be, and we cannot forget her famous but now defunct pornhub profile which surprisingly she had/has some really big plans for it was kinda exciting what she showed me. She seems to be friends with a quite a few of the other girls which totally makes sense after speaking with her. I wish everyone can have a nice chat with Jean like i had. Jean also happens to be friends with Lana, and i remember thinking afterwards that that made so much so sense.

    In the session i found that Jean was a very sensual girl, her body slide is amazing she knows exactly what works in a body slide. You can really tell a girl knows how to body slide as you can really feel her pussy and weight all over your body and in the right pressure points, it’s very sensual for me. Initially i thought maybe she has worked at a massage place at some point up until she did the next bit…..

    Now to provide context, from memory every full service session i’ve had, every girl has gone for my nipple. It’s not something i ask for, but they all went for it, i guess it’s something extra the girls do to show that they care about the session, as I’m easy and mostly only like to do a lot of hand stuff and sensual stuff like spooning or body slide i guess they don’t just want to be sitting around. To me its never really something that has stimulated me, i appreciate it but it’s never been a kink that i had….. Until Jean happened. Jean in between her deep body slide reaches for my nipple and attacked it with her lips and tongue and i just squirmed in satisfaction, sucking and licking it like some kinda clit. To her respect she kept asking if she was hurting me (which was kinda endearing) and i had to keep replying “keep going it’s so good!”. I don’t think i can find another girl with nipple skills like this other than Jean, so try it out with her if you haven’t.

    This is how i found out that Jean is a very sensual girl, after speaking with Jean some more i found out that she is exceptionally good with nipple fetish and body slide because this is what she likes done to her, she is simply a very sensual girl which is great for me because i’m a very sensual guy. Honestly afterwards i asked her if she did lesbian stuff because i think lesbians would really love what she does but she says she’s not really interested in that, but from what she says i think she might be pleasantly surprised. So at this point i was very happy, a delightful conversation (which is surprisingly not always cheap to find in this industry) and very sensual sex, i decided to do mostly this and forgot to plan actual sex with that great booty. Instead i did mostly this, some kissing and practiced some oral on Jean, i’m learning and she gave me some cool pointers. She has a really cute innie pussy up in person and among other things i really enjoyed kissing jean she has nice lips, i found both very sweet. Then tried my best to finish off extremely close to the time, which Jean was patient about which i appreciate.

    Unfortunately she is quite a popular girl and was booked for the next couple of hours, so i couldn’t extend to try that booty out for sex, and i could had gone for a while more. In hindsight there was so many stuff i forgot to try like BJ or cowgirl because i had a really great time with everything else, which is a good sign for me. But as I forgot to do so much, I promised Jean that i will come back for a second round with her when i can. This one of the sessions that i regretted not booking two hours for, i had a really good time and wanted more. In hindsight i may not be the only one, as i mentioned Jean was already booked for the next couple of hours and the guy i waited for booked two hours.

    Last notes, again the venue is highly commendable. The place is very clean, professional looking and presentable.

  9. Bob
    Bob says:

    Has anyone been able to sneak a sly vid? If so I’ll pay good money to see it. I’d love to see how other guys fuck her.

    • P
      P says:

      That’s messed up bro. You should ask Jean if you want a sex video of her not some random. She used to have a pornhub page so she might actually have one. Going behind her back like that is crossing the line.

  10. Imy
    Imy says:

    Doesn’t do kissing.. talks too much .. had to finish of with a fckng hand job .. what a waste of money .. Dior is where U shud invest your money . Period

  11. Richard
    Richard says:

    Then if you think Dior is worth your money why didnt u book her in the first place?
    Booked jean few times She is amazing .
    But Most girls dont do Kissing

  12. Jacob
    Jacob says:

    If you book standard then obviously no kissing but if your booking was premium or diamond then it should be part of the package

  13. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Yes that is right! If standard there is no kissing .
    I have book different girls in this shop and
    Most girls dont do kissing and they have the right to say NO to some services like CIM RIMMING and kissing.
    girls has a choice if they want to give them or not .
    So I suggest you ask them which one they do and they dont do.
    I’d say Jean say it right away that she dont do kissing when I see her.

  14. James
    James says:

    Does Jean still work here? I’m pretty sure she has a boyfriend now cause I seen it on her pornhub. Doese anyone else like watching and jerking? cause I been thinking about asking her if she would mind if a few of us could jerk while we watch them fuck. Would anyone be keen to chip in with me?


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