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very outgoing, pretty sweet smile and frequently English communication, Many customers like her, very cute and sweet face. Chinese girl, natural C cup,21 years old Uni student, 163cm, 42kg, very young and beautiful girl, try her and you will never forget! Service provide : KISS, 69, DFK, Daty, BJ, Rimming and CIM.


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  1. alex
    alex says:

    yeah!she is very cute girl and have a beautiful smile face like a Japanese, she’s service very gentle makes like a girlfriend and kiss very good,she also can talk good English, nice one!i’m sure i will come to see her again.

  2. Local dude
    Local dude says:

    Bella is lovely, nice girl, easy to converse with & she is now my regular, please don’t change & please don’t leave.

  3. O.D.B. Russel Jones
    O.D.B. Russel Jones says:

    Have booked Bella twice for an hour evenings. She is a nice and smart young girl with good English and gorgeous body. However I did not find her very tight compared to other girls as some have suggested here. Untamed bush. According to her, she can only come once a day. Within 3 minutes of sex she would start to whisper “come for me” which is understandable but makes me really hard to come so I could not come on our second appointment. Asked her for a morning booking and was refused as she is already booked out. Value for money; 6.5/10 WIR: probably not.

    • O.D.B. Russel Jones
      O.D.B. Russel Jones says:

      Just an update to my earlier post, Bella later mentioned that she does not want to do morning bookings, as of 1st of October, saying she has become lazier. Being such a desirable girl, she must have got a bit tired over the last months, I wish o had booked her earlier. Oh, well. You never know.

  4. RandomOblivionNPC69
    RandomOblivionNPC69 says:

    Saw Bella a few months ago for a 60 minute session. Absolutely incredible service and she’s just downright adorable. She also is very good with making chit chat and speaks quite good English. Would definitely reccomend.

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    Really sweet girl good attitude,
    My experience was I was put on my tummy while she gave me a cat bath, she finished with her tongue in my ear while her hands were caressing my balls. Once she flipped me over she jerked me off while licking my balls and took my cock in her tiny mouth she sucked it hard and took me deep while I felt her soft boobs and played with her arse I then encouraged her to deep throat my cock she can handle it well and continued to suck me for about 10 mins could have easily made me cum in her mouth but I told her time to fuck and she rubbered me up and sat on my cock and started to bounce. Her right body is amazing to look up at I also pulled her close to DFK, holding her arse firm while I pulled her hips onto my cock.

  6. macbeth
    macbeth says:

    She looks beautiful and innocent. Im new, I prefer larger cuddly girls, can anyone give any suggestion? Something like Jean but bigger.

  7. K
    K says:

    Had an excellent time with Bella, diamond service was right on point and she provides the vast majority of the services mentioned. Her English is great, still it is her second language but better than most. As a first time patron i found that the venue is excellent, the bed is nicer than other shops i’ve been too and there’s even a nice tub that the girls bath you on. I also enjoyed the mirrors that are all over the room even ceilings. You’re really getting quality for your $250 i couldn’t confidently expect this from even a $500 or $600 private punts i’ve had. And the step up from $150 sessions i’ve had elsewhere is noticeable. My only complaint is that i hate the red light, i want bright lights so i can see her better (i’m very visual) it’s quite hard to see her pussy with dim red lights (or any girl’s).

    I really loved her attitude as others have said, she has a nice friendly personality and a pleasing presence. I could tell she really was committed on providing a great service. Bella’s skin is really nice and she has nice breasts, not quite double Ds (i think she said Cs) but they are well shaped Cs on a small Bella shaped frame (163 cm) that they felt a lot bigger. Nice booty too. I enjoyed just just hugging her at various points of the session. She has quite a bush, and i actually love that. I think there’s a difference when a girl has a bush but the rest of her is clean and presentable like Bella (nice skin, nice make up, hair) i find it kinda exotic and kinky and quite the turn on. Also it’s kinda rare nowadays so a good way to mix it up! I’m definitely one of the blokes that appreciates the bush just saying. It was kinda cute how passionate she was about her bush when i asked her about it, it’s not going anywhere.

    My needs are pretty tame i guess but i thought Bellas was plenty skilled. With her nice skin and cute face she really doe look more like a Korean/Japanese girl.

    Others have mentioned that they felt Bella was padding out time, i disagree i believe this is a misunderstanding if you are more direct and organised with Bella with what you want, with in reason, you will find that this is not the case. If she is spending a little too much time in one part just ask her to move on and she nicely goes on to the next thing she’s really nice about requests. I did notice with girl on top that she got physically tired, but this was understandable anyone could so we did other stuff for a minute.

    Other things, i noticed she does use a lot of tissues i have no clue why this would be an issue. I was fine with it.

    We finished one hour on the clock, i last a really long time and i felt like we did so much in the hour so by the end it felt like it was a journey. I take a long time and she was really nice about it. I kinda want to apologise for making her work harder than usual we were both quite tired by the end of it.

    On final note i’d say, have an idea of what you want to do in the session with Bella and just keep an eye on the time maybe ask her to remind you when it’s half way and when it’s 10 minutes to go. I think that goes well for any session with any girl. Also be nice and let her rest a little in between, like hand stuff while laying down was nice we just chatted a little bit it was nice i’m big on hugging the girls.

    *Great body: Very Presentable (make up, hair, skin well looked after)
    *Great attitude/presence
    *Ok english, for a non-native speaker
    *Decent technique (for my taste)
    *Venue is nice definitely an adequate step above the $150 sessions i’ve had elsewhere
    *I really like bush sometimes

    *Red light is a no for me, i want bright lights see Bella properly
    *You might not like Bush even if it is on a pretty girl
    *English is better than most but still not native speaker if dirty talk is your thing
    *It’s good to keep an eye on time or what you want to do and direct Bella to move on.

  8. Link
    Link says:

    tried Bella out today .

    Very cute and had a great time with her.

    Appeared to be a bit shy with me but if you keep talking to her she will open up.

  9. Mark
    Mark says:

    I had booked Nikki today at 12.30pm but upon my arrival was told by the woman receptionist that she’d be arriving at 1.30pm. So the receptionist suggested I begin with Bella and then transfer over to Nikki for the remaining two hours of my booking. Well, that never happened. Bella had me convinced within ten minutes that I’d be with her for the whole three hours and in fact I could have easily spent a fourth or fifth hour with her! I usually avoid younger women because although they might have youth on their side they invariably don’t have the experience or aptitude of service. Bella was incredible in every sense of the word. I do believe in ‘giving’ so that then you shall ‘receive’, and Bella certainly reciprocated. For a 22 year old, she has acquired the technique and expertise of BBBJ and DFK that 40 year old women are still to learn. Together we taught each other some new experiences. Her blow job alone is worth the Diamond price and kept me hard for practically the full 180 minutes. The only thing that was omitted from the ‘Diamond service’ was the CIM ‘offer’ but we did enjoy other experiences. I only mention this because I’m not a fan of the varying price levels that 60 Whiting street (only my second visit today) and other places (104 Roseville) are now resorting to so they can improve their bottom line. At the end of the day or in my case a three hour visit it solely rests on how you treat the worker providing the service. Take care of young Bella and she will repay your endeavors thrice fold.

  10. George
    George says:

    anyone had some good recent experiences with her? seems so cute, not too sure on the unshaved pussy but i’m down to try if she gives good service, especially as me a newcomer wanting to try daty and 69. Also she seems to be down for cim and sometimes not?


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